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Junaid Khan wicket of Umar Akmal,

Umar Akmal goes for a golden duck here. All the dancing skills have gone in to the darkness now. His job was to bat well and he has failed in this field here in the opening game for Rajshahi Kings. Junaid Khan takes him down.

Umar Akmal played a nothing shot. He was new to the crease and should have known what he was playing. With zero feet movement there was every chance of the ball going to the wicket keeper as an edge and he did exactly that.

After a lot of dancing Umar Akmal goes out of the ground with a sad face in the second innings. He is out first ball duck to Junaid Khan. This was a poor shot selection from Umar Akmal. A length ball and he played it really badly.

Junaid Khan now has three wickets. What a day he is having with the ball. This was a testing delivery. The ball was outside the off stump, the length was pretty much full. Umar Akmal went for the drive and missed it.

His feet were stuck to the ground. The bat was not behind the ball properly. Umar after edging it must have been thinking that he should have left this one. The outside edge flew to the hands of the wicket keeper Pooran and he took it with ease.

Umar Akmal wicket is very important here. The way Junaid celebrated this wicket clearly indicates the importance here. Rajshahi Kings are now in deep trouble. In a short span of time they have lost their three important wickets.

All these wickets went to Junaid Khan. The left arm pacer is bowling really quickly here. He is hitting the right areas and the Rajshahi batters are not playing him in the right way. Junaid is on fire and he needs to be given some respect here

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